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Company is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of doing business having a distinct name and limited liability. It is a juristic person having a separate legal entity distinct from the members who constitute it, capable of rights and duties of its own and endowed with the potential of perpetual succession.

There are many advantages when you setup a private/Public limited Company. Firstly, a limited company generally project an image of reliability, trustworthiness and confident. Secondly the Liability of its members is limited to the unpaid value of the shares subscribed. Finally the company have an existence separate from its owners and hence the board of directors (the management) and the company is responsible for the acts of the company and not the real owners (ie,shareholders).

We assists its clients in:

  • Company Formations (Public/Private/OPC)
  • Existing companies to meet its periodical statutory, legal, regulatory requirements.
  • Company Strike Off from the register of companies.
  • LLP Formation
  • Partnership Formation including preparation of partnership deeds and its registrations
  • D&O License Registration
  • Regular opinion and consultation

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