We are an Accounting Firm in Kannur deploying highly qualified and experienced team to provide one stop services, including Accounting services, bookkeeping services, auditing services, income tax filing, company incorporation, company strike-off, business consulting and corporate advisory services to local and international clients.

1.Accounting & Book Keeping services

We are qualified accountants who provide Professional, Personalised, Prompt & Price competitive Accounting Services to serve your needs.

As an Accounting firm, we have a dedicated team to serve the needs of clients from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from IT, Telecom, Aviation, Manufacturing, Whole sale, Retail, Restaurants, Service Industries Etc.

2.Taxation – Income Tax

Tax compliance has become complicated due to frequent changes in regulations and their mere multiplicity. We have an in-depth understanding of the system and can translate these into easy-to-comprehend advice.

We can offer professional advice on tax issues affecting resident Indians, NRIs as well as foreign nationals. Apart from that, we provide tax-planning services that enable you to limit your personal and future tax liabilities. We help you to organize your cumbersome tax affairs, give you reminders of payment deadlines and make sure that all statutory requirements are satisfied.

It is critical to engage professional Tax Accountant to provide the tax services.  Any wrongful tax filing could subject to hefty fines/penalties from the Income tax department.

There are many requirements in the Income Tax Act which is rather complicated and fast changing. Our team is equipped with the skill and knowledge of tax filing matters. We help clients in their tax returns. We also help our clients to address a wide range of queries that were raised by the IT Department.

With our experiences, our professional Tax Accountant can assist you to comply with the regulations and at the same time advice on the most favourable tax strategies that allow your organisation to pay least income tax.

3.Taxation – GST

What is GST?

GST is a consumption-based tax levied on sale, manufacture and consumption on goods & services at a national level. This tax will be the substitute for all indirect tax levied by state and central government. Exports and direct tax like income tax, corporate tax and capital gain tax will not be affected by GST. GST would apply to all goods other than crude petroleum, motor spirit, diesel, aviation turbine fuel and natural gas. It would apply to all services barring a few to be specified. With the increase of international trade in services, GST has become a global standard. The proposed tax system will take the form of “dual GST” which is concurrently levied by central and state government. This will comprise of:

  • Central GST (CGST) which will be levied by Centre
  • State GST (SGST) Which will be levied by State
  • Integrated GST (IGST) – which will be levied by Central Government on the inter-State supply of goods and services.


4.ERP/Other Accounting and Business Software Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term applied to integrated software systems used to manage the internal and external resources of an organization. These include the physical assets, financial resources, materials and human resources (or staff).

Benefits of ERP

Implementing a good ERP application will deliver key benefits including

  • integrated business processes
    • one central database with no duplication of data
    • a single ‘view of the truth’
    • easy-to-use, powerful reporting across the whole suite (and therefore the whole organization)
    • the same look-and-feel across the whole system, making training and using the ERP very straightforward.


5.Project Reports

We prepare project reports for various governmental, bank finance, or other requirements. Our experts have specialised skills in presenting the project Reports as per end user requirements and also we help our clients in getting the bank finance sanctioned through our networked banks for your existing business enhancement requirements or to get finance for your new business ventures, etc

6.Company/Firm incorporation

Start Up Guidance & Registrations

We help you to work out on where you are now, what you may need in the future.

Company is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of doing business having a distinct name and limited liability. It is a juristic person having a separate legal entity distinct from the members who constitute it, capable of rights and duties of its own and endowed with the potential of perpetual succession.

There are many advantages when you setup a private/Public limited Company. Firstly, a limited company generally project an image of reliability, trustworthiness and confident. Secondly the Liability of its members is limited to the unpaid value of the shares subscribed. Finally the company have an existence separate from its owners and hence the board of directors (the management) and the company is responsible for the acts of the company and not the real owners (ie,shareholders).

7.Governmental License requirements

Saj Innovative Services undertake the procedures to obtain various certificates/licenses from governmental agencies

1.Trade Mark Registration

2.Importer Exporter Code

3.Shops& Establishment License

4.SSI/MSME Registration

5.Professional Tax Registration

6.Digital Signature Certificate –Class-2 etc